We all know that the decision to marry or have a life partner is a very crucial one as marriage can either make or mar us. It can even be more encompassing for women because they are often expected to put their life on hold for the sake of the family.

But too often, I have seen thousands of women entering into marriage without the future in view. All that matters to them is to get married to a rich, tall, dark and handsome guy who would pamper them in marriage.

And the funniest thing is they always have their wish come true until the rosy marriage hits a rock and get drowned in the wave of inadequate planning.

The truth is, no successful marriage comes by accident. It has to be prepared and planned for. And as a woman, who can not afford a miserable marriage, you need to see beyond what the man can offer you at the present and think about the future

Because –

  1. A larger part of your life will be spent in the marriage.

You don’t want to experience it – to marry the wrong man and get stuck with him for the rest of your life? Some ladies are miserable in their marriages today all because they married the wrong men. Or should we say they are the unlucky ones?

Well, not entirely. Some of them just didn’t have adequate plans and vision for the marriage before they hopped into it.

Marriage is too long a journey to rush into for trivial reasons.

If you want to be happy in your marriage, you have to marry the man who is proud of you and supports your visions. Marry the man who sees you and you alone in his future.

  1. Your children will take after your spouse

Will you be proud of your son if he takes after the man you want to marry today? If you are not proud of whom he is presently; be it his character, beliefs or mindset, it is better to call it off right away. Tackle whatever you do not want to deal with in the future today before it gets you!

And you do not have to rush into a marriage with a view of changing a man. We‘ve seen them all. Marriage doesn’t change anybody.

If he is not modelling the kind of life you wish for your kids at the moment, you should let him go. Children need a figure that they can look up to and it is your responsibility to choose a good one for them.

  1. Only a marriage planned for the future can stand the test of time.

Marriages based on money, lust, material things and physical attraction will not stand the test of time because they all have an ending. Money has wings, it can fly away. Beauty fades with aging. Material things will not remain in vogue forever. The only thing that will outlast everything else in a marriage is purpose. And this is the future you should seek in your marriage.

So, if you do not want to add to the increasing rate of divorce, you have to think of the future in your decision of whom to marry. Marry a man of purpose. Marry a man who understands the importance of marriage. Some men do not want kids, some want marriage just for the fun of it while some are after what they can get from you. But what do you want? A marriage for the future or the unplanned one-time union?

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