If you are mindful of what productive people mostly commit themselves to, you will admit that it is taking charge of their lives – from the slightest of things such as the hours they sleep, their preference of food, up to their choice of career, spouse and relationships. They take responsibilities for their day-to-day activities and that is exactly what intentional living encompasses.


It is, you making conscious choices and deliberate decisions about your life purpose, so that what you do each day enables you to focus on what’s really important.

So, whether you are a career woman, a mother, an unmarried sister or a young girl, you must be able to answer these important questions about yourself to get a full grasp of intentional living.


  • What do I want in life?
  • Why do I want it?
  • What are my values, dreams, priorities and goals?


Answering these questions will enable you to know the things that truly matter and how to ads value to your life. Secondly, you let go of unhappy things that bring you down, things that distract you, things that take away your attention from important relationships (such as bonding with our child, your spouse and friends) and clog up your mind.


You do not deserve to be a busy bee with no results or achievements to show for it. There are plethora of benefits that comes with intentional living and some of them are what I will be explaining to you today.


  1. Intentional living makes you focused

One of the most significant benefits of living an intentional life is the clarity it gives when it comes to making decisions. The world we live today can be so confusing, that you can easily lose direction and value if you are not focused.

Purposeful living helps you in weighing the things that matter against the things that don’t, It will heighten your sense of clarity and focus.

  1. It motivates you to greater opportunities

Living an intentional life will motivate you to take immediate action in areas of significance. When you’ve found purpose for yourself, you won’t want to laze around anymore. You will be inspired to go on and achieve your goals. It will also open doors for more opportunities.



  1. It gives you a better understanding of your needs.

Nothing truly satisfies in this life except living a life of purpose and meaning.  If you want to be free from the rat race, you have to sit down and analyze who you are and what you want from life. Intentional living will guide you on what you need to live your most profitable life.


 4. Intentional living inspires you to make every day count

There is a saying of John C. Maxwell, author of Make Today Count, that says, “the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” Your life is the sum total of every passing hour and it’s only an intentional living that can drive you to make the utmost use of each hour.

5. Intentional and Frugal living brings happiness and satisfaction.

Learning how to lead your life with purpose and meaning allows you to tap into a certain power that creates remarkable change in your life. You become happy that you have found your true self and making impact in the area. You feel fulfilled doing something with people who want to make a difference and doing it at a time when it really matters.


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Don’t forget, this is the only life you’ve got. Be intentional about making it big!


Care to share in the comments below: What other benefits of intentional living do you know?