“Lead your child in the right direction
and when he is growing,
he will not be lost nor depart from it.”

This is a popular quote a lot of parents are familiar with and might have read several times to fully grasp its meaning. More often than not, it may have birthed more questions than answers. We ask ourselves, ‘which direction do I lead my child?’ ‘What are the right things I need to do to make him a responsible adult?’

As a mother, I understand that a woman’s responsibility in the home is endless. Taking care of several household and work responsibilities hardly gives her a chance to spend lots of quality time with her children.

That is why, today, I will be sharing with us the 5 basic and key areas you can focus on in training a child.

1. His Spiritual Life
Lead your child to God. Be intentional about his spiritual life. Children are God’s gifts to us. They have been put into our care in order that we may bring them to the Lord. They need to have a personal relationship with their creator. You can achieve this by teaching your child about God – let him study the Bible and teach him to trust God. You should also pray with him often and let him do same.

2. His Emotional Intelligence
The height of suicide and depression in our present time shows that a lot of children do not have the emotional grit for life. Prepare your child for hardship and negativity that they might find in the world. Let them know some people won’t just like them and might even seek their hurt. Make them know that everything will not always go their way but they can trust the love of God who is ever ready to help them anytime they call upon him. Assure them also, that you love them and you will always be there for them.

3. Healthy Living
Children are lovers of fun. Teach them how to be creative and play by themselves. Boredom kills creativity, don’t leave them mentally idle. Let your children go for walks outdoors, ride their bikes and run around with their friends. Teach them to feed well too by providing nourishing foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and plenty water.

4. Taking responsibilities – in academic and other aspect of life
This is the very core of child training because it takes a lot of effort and consistency. If we want to raise a caring, thoughtful, grateful and loving adult, then our work starts now when they are still young. For them to have a great work ethic in life, taking responsibility is very key. Teach them to take their academics, skill, talents and daily chores seriously. You can achieve this by engaging your children in appropriate activities in the house. Let them do their dishes themselves, teach them to clean up their mess and to care for their younger siblings.

5. Financial education.
No age barrier to savings. Start teaching your children how to save money no matter how little. Let them have a budget for their spending. You can also invest in their talents as it can open their eyes to earn money from it early enough. There are some children that show up with a special gift. As parents, help them to polish their gifts. Help them be the best at it and enjoy the gift that God has given them.

Every child has a great future. The onus lies on us parents to train them in the right way. My heart felt prayer is that we raise godly, wise and financial astute children.

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