It’s no secret everyone is very conscious of their finances during the pandemic including you. In fact, you followed your budget to the last ‘T’ and kept track of your spendings. But the funny thing is you always ended up being broke almost at the middle of every month. You still feel you are making a hole in your pocket and your resources are not enough.

Then you begin to ask yourself, why on earth am I still broke? Why is my budget plan driving away savings? And you know this thing can be very annoying especially in cases when you have no money to foot important bills or place meals on your table. Nevermind, we will share some of our secret tips with you.

The chances are, there are some secret money-saving tips you haven’t tried yet, which we would love you to get acquainted with today.

First off, what does it mean to stretch one’s budget and funds?

Stretching budget means you are doing all that seems possible to make your money last and of course, give room for savings. It is a means of economizing so that your money is enough for an expected period of time and even more.

So you see why it’s super important to learn how to review your finances and stretch your budget regularly?

Check out these amazing tips to know how you can do just that and ensure your saving goals are fulfilled.

Secret 1: Plan your meals ahead of time

You would agree with me that food is the major reason we all work. If food is taken out of most people’s list of worries, they won’t have to get out of bed and go to work anymore. But the biggest mistake you can ever make is to spend your money on unnecessary food or allow junk to sap your money.

Plan your feeding expenses the way you plan your gorgeous looks. Did you know having a food roaster/timetable isn’t a bad idea at all? It helps you to know what and what to stock in the house at every point in time. Never be caught unawares with your kitchen needs. Plan your meals.

Secret 2: Buy in bulk or cooperate

This can never be overemphasized. Stop buying like you’re picking beans, buy in bulk. Do you remember what your Economics teacher taught over and over in your secondary school days? Wholesalers sell at lower prices while retailers add a little increase to augment their stress and stock risks. When you buy from a Wholesaler in bulk, you pay less. But when you buy from a retailer, which is going to be in bits or lower quantity, you pay more.

However, if you feel the bulk purchase is going to lead to spoilage and wastage in your home, you can find friends to do cooperate buying with.

Secret 3: Always improvise.

You know what triber? You have to be creative in your home. Even if you don’t know anything about the word ‘creative’ before, you have to learn it now. Most especially for things concerning your home and kitchen utensils. It will save you a lot of money and market stress.

Take, for instance, your children love sipping juice after lunch. Instead of stocking your freezer with expensive wine or packaged drinks, why not get fruits, let’say oranges, and blend it for them? This is even more nutritious and has a lovelier taste than the processed ones. Be creative with your home needs and budget, please.

Secret 4: Avoid trends and fads.

Oh, dear! You need to stop keeping up with the Joneses because you are not them. You are unique and you should act like it. If something is trending in your community but way beyond your budget, please scrap it off. You don’t need to break a bank to breathe so why would you do that to look fashionable?

Secret 5:  Buy items only on one condition

This seems like no secret, but the fact is that it’s a secret. Never go to the market because you just received credit alerts or have some cash at hand. But things only when you need them. Apart from the basic needs of man which are food, shelter, and clothing; which of course what you don’t require questioning yourself before buying, you have to be sure of other things before dropping off your money.


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