Just like we said in our previous post that your home is the best place to initiate the culture of saving money, here are few more suggestions on how you can save lot and lots of money around your home.

6. Improvise Your Cleaners and Napkins
You will agree with me that some industrial scrubs or cleaners are expensive. Meanwhile, there are so many ways to make your cleaning products using things like eggshells grounded into powder, clothes no longer in use as napkins, baking soda, lemon juice, and other common household items, all of which are cheaper than brand name cleaners.


7. Learn to Mend Your Clothes
You don’t need to be a professional before you hem or make stitches on your clothes. You can learn how to make common repairs, like small holes, buttons, and hems; which can save you a bundle rather than taking it to tailors or replacing such items.


8. Relax for Less
Relaxation is part of a healthy living which of course is good for you. But rather than pay expensively for relaxation, find other cheaper ways to unwind. Try meditation, reading, napping, or an affordable hobby instead of old habits that cost more, like cycling, shopping online, having a nature walk, or sitting under safe and clean trees for cool breeze.

9. Make Your Own Flavored Beverages
It will surprise you that it costs little to make your own flavored drinks. You can save money on expensive bottled drinks and use natural leaves such as the Zobo leaves and flavor with slices of pineapple. You can also make fruit juice using blender or mixer to turn them into pulp. This will even reduce your exposure to sugar and carbonated drinks.


10. Pack Your Lunch
Sure it might seem easier to grab lunch while out, but packing your homemade food as lunch can save you a lot of cash each day. It’s also especially helpful for those who just can’t step out of the office or need more willpower to stick with a healthy lunch. Mothers with younger ones will also appreciate this as it will not only save you cost of buying junk for your kids as lunch, it will afford them healthy meals.

Did you miss out on our last post? Click here to read it. Are there more suggestions also from you on how you’ve been saving money at home? Share with us in the comment section below as we await the last series in our next post.

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