So far so good, we’ve been able to list out 10 ways of saving money in the home; being the reception for all transactions.
Here are 5 extra suggestions you can try this new month to save more and more money around your home.

11. Have a Monthly Savings
Create a bank account if you do not like the traditional piggy bank savings. And then make it a point of duty to add a certain amount to your savings at the end of each month. Even if it’s just a little amount, the savings can add up and it will keep you from spending it frivolously.


12. Turn Off the Lights
Maybe you’re wondering why exactly you need to switch off every bulb when not in use. The answer is IT SAVES ENERGY. You have heard it before, but making sure you are diligent about turning off the lights when not in use can really help keep energy costs down.


13. Find Cheaper Gas
In as much as you trust your regular gas station, it is good to switch sometimes and do survey for cheaper prices. A little cost here and there from expensive gas filler is something worth spending on yourself when gathered together.

14. Buy Certain Things in Bulk
Food items especially rice, beans, dry pepper, stock fish etc, can be bought in bulk without the fear of spoilage in weeks. Check the per unit price at warehouse clubs and supermarkets to get the best deals per unit when buying in bulk. Avoid buying fresh items and dairy in bulk unless you intend to use them immediately.


15. Don’t Keep Up With the Joneses
Except you don’t have solid plans for your income, you should never spend to impress anybody. Don’t just spend because you want to be the one with the best gadget or are trying to outdo your neighbors – the truth is you can never outdo anyone because there will always be new inventions. Make sure your spending is not for the sake of appearance, but instead is for things that truly matter. You should have a goal in mind for every of your earnings.

It’s been an amazing series, right? Do well to share your best household money-saving tips in the comments section below if we’ve missed any.
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