Survival in this 21st century is not a joking stuff, especially if you are blessed with kids. So, whether you are a working-class or stay-at-home mom, you need to have savings, no matter how little. And your home is the best place to initiate this culture because that is the reception for all transactions.
Written for you here are series of common-sense tips and some not-so-obvious suggestions you can use to save a pretty penny around the house.

1. Shop at the Right Time of the Year
There are times and seasons for every food in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Target these periods to get your foodstuffs. For instance in Nigeria, don’t seek to buy surplus maize crop in dry season nor onions in the rainy season. Time your home item purchases to get the cheapest prices, and this will save you some bucks.

2. Make a Household Budget
It’s time to sit down and do a budget to trim the fat in your expenses. See where your hidden expenses are and examine where your money is going. You can learn to build a budget using our template here, or tune-up the one you currently have.

3. Grow Some Herbs and Vegetables
It is not everything you run to buy in the market. Engage in a little garden around the house, such as tomatoes, bitter leaf, and okra, etc. They can easily be grown indoors on a small windowsill or outside in pots or gardens. Planting herbs will help you save on buying expensive grocery store jars of seasonings, will taste fresher, and can be easily dried and stored.


4. Collect Spare Change
Keep a jar/ piggy bank to collect loose change. Don’t forget to check old junk drawers and the couch for abandoned coins, too. And, in every few months you can check to see how much you would have saved rather than leave it to your children to buy junk here and there.


5. Save on Kid Entertainment
Don’t pay big on entertaining the kids, when there are plenty of lively activities they will also love. Activities like baking together, playing outside, playing board games, and doing arts and crafts all cost less than expensive game centers, movie theaters, restaurants, and unnecessary subscriptions on TV channels. They will even enhance your child’s mental development and intuition.


Did you learn something? Watch this space for more cost-saving tips in the home as we continue this series next week. Don’t forget to Like, share, comment, and follow Fabfrugals on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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