Have you ever watched a Caterpillar turn into butterfly? Did you notice the pain it underwent to become the beautiful fly that people admire?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The immense pain of being hidden in a cocoon for days, cringes the caterpillar so much that one would think it wouldn’t survive another day. But then, it do overcome! And how delightful it looks when seen on petals of the flower.

In just this manner, children are developed. It could be difficult watching our children struggle with skill development or adapting to a new habit.

Enforcing discipline in little ones can be a daunting task especially for a loving and protective mother who would not want her child in pain. And because we do not want to be hated by the child we love so much in the process of training him, we ask ourselves, “what can I do?”

See, here is the thing – I understand you. The feeling is mutual.

Photo by Tú Nguyễn from Pexels

I could remember the first time my son tried to pack his big bicycle in the store. I cringed because it was a whole lot of struggle for him. I just wanted to get the bicycle from him and be done with it.

Then I thought back to the story of the butterfly and how much I wanted my children to be role models in the society. I have always envisaged them to mature into intelligent and responsible adults with a high sense of gratitude and self worth.

Adults who will appreciate the value of labor and sacrifice. And the truth is, to accomplish all of that, they have to be better equipped and allowed some advancement.

So I looked on bravely as he carried it up the stairs and then to the store all by himself. I beamed within me that I gave myself the opportunity to be intentional about my loving.

My son also, having accomplished that without any assistance, felt so strong and fearless that he struggles less with the bicycle till today.

As much as you love your children unconditionally, we would want you to also love them intentionally.

Let them fall and learn to stand up, let them stumble and learn to walk. Kiss their bruises and give them a hug when they are hurt from carrying out big tasks. Let them know that you love them but you will be firm enough to do so intentionally.

Video by Pressmaster from Pexels

And just a little while after the pain, they will come out strong and better.

What intentional lessons are you teaching your child? We would love to know in the comment section.
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