Let me start this by telling you a story. Few years ago while in the university, I was always curious as to why we studied so hard for various courses we may never use but studied just a few or nothing about life.

For example; courses like ‘Money Management‘ and ‘How to Generate Wealth‘ are not taught in school, yet without having knowledge about them, it’s practically impossible to live a fabulous life.

wealth creation

Another example is ‘How to Choose a Life Partner‘ and ‘Planning for the Future‘. Nobody teaches you that in class, yet, the choice of who you marry has a way of affecting the rest of your life. Especially if it does not work out and you have to get a divorce, not to talk of when children get involved in the mix. That’s a lot of emotional strain. So you see why it’s absolutely important that we get this marriage stuff right.

choosing a life partner

The importance of those things hit me very hard that I had to study both topics; because after all, I wanted to live my best and fabulous life. So while my class mates slept after classes, I looked out for marriage books, messages and seminars to attend and learn. I created my own Marriage preparation notes (I still have that book till date. It will definitely be passed on to my children. Lol).

One of the marriage books that changed my life forever was a book by Pastor Bimbo Odukoya. How to choose a life partner, 165 questions to ask. It helped me create the picture of the kind of man that I wanted to marry and that picture of him created my future.

Little did I know that creating the picture of my ideal man at the time was going to change my life forever.

How to choose a life partner, 165 questions to ask
Xulon Press

As I celebrate my 11th year anniversary, I am super grateful for how far God has kept us. My husband is the number one fabulous blessing in my life. It would have been practically impossible to achieve all I have if I was married to anyone else but him.

So the thing is, if you want to change your life, kindly change the pictures you see. If you have a goal you want to achieve, look for a picture that represents this goal and brood on that picture always. See yourself living the goal and be thankful for it. In a few days or weeks or months you will surely achieve it.


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This is us, cheering you on to your fabulous life.

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