Marriage is one of the sweetest things that can happen to you if you get it right. Among every other thing that God has in stock for you – a successful career, prospering in ministry, having a great relationship with other people – God wants you to have a happy and healthy marriage.

A lot has been said about marriage and the necessary things to put in place before you walk down the aisle with your dream man. But if you haven’t looked into your money personality, I’m afraid your marriage preparation is not complete.

Financial experts made it known that knowing your money personality is the first step to making smart monetary decisions while in marriage and even when you are still unmarried. A lot of divorces today were due to financial issues and you will be saving yourself the stress if you understand how your soon to be husband handles money while you’re courting. See the ten most common reasons for divorce here, it’s important to know money and compatibility are two key reasons for divorce.

The truth is everybody has an attitude towards money and knowing yours early enough will guide you in choosing the opposite sex that can complement your excesses. When you know your money personality, you will be able to answer questions relating to finances and home management. Your money personality will as well, prepare you on the questions to ask your man before you say I do.

Written below are the four types of money personality a person can have and are likely to expect in a future spouse.

Marriage Personality 1: Big Spenders

Big spenders as the name imply love spending! No amount is too small or much for them to spend; either to impress someone or to gratify their own desires. They are fashionable and always looking to make a statement. This often means a desire to have the latest and greatest of all things, be it a mobile phone, television, designer clothes, cars, etc.

When it comes to keeping up with the Joneses, big spenders are the Joneses. They are comfortable spending money and are hardly satisfied. They don’t fear debt and often take big risks when investing. If you notice you belong to this category, it will be good you don’t unite with a man whose attitude towards money is the same, except you plan to work on yourselves.

Marriage Personality 1: Big Spenders

Marriage Personality 2: Savers

Savers are the exact opposite of big spenders. They are not concerned about following the latest trends, and they derive more satisfaction from reading the interest on a bank statement than from acquiring something new. Savers are conservative by nature, they are usually content with whatever they have and don’t take big risks with their investments.

The funny thing, however, is they always have money but hardly spend it on themselves. They would rather lie in bed suffering from an ailment than visiting the pharmacy.

There is, however, room for adjustment if you belong to this category, and uniting with a man who takes risk of investment and knows how to spend wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Marriage Personality 2: Savers

Marriage Personality 3: Debtors

Debtors rarely spend much time thinking about their money. They don’t keep tabs on what they spend money on and where their money goes. They consistently spend more than they earn and are deeply in debt, with little or no investment. You won’t be surprised if you find big spenders in this category too because all they know is to receive and spend money.

If you are a debtor, you need to get your finances in order and set up a plan to start investing. You may not be able to do it alone, so getting a spouse who has good knowledge of finances will cover up for your weaknesses; especially a saver or an investor.

Marriage Personality 2: Debtors

Marriage Personality 4: Investors

Investors are consciously aware of money. They understand their financial situations and try to put their money to work. Regardless of their current financial standing, investors tend to seek a day when passive investments will provide sufficient income to cover all their bills. Their actions are driven by careful decision-making, and their investments reflect the need to take a certain amount of risk in pursuit of their goals. Financially speaking, they are the best fit for both debtors and big spenders.

Marriage Personality 4: Investors

Lastly, knowing your attitude towards money will help you ask the right financial questions when discussing with your man. You will know how to plan for what lies ahead of you in the marriage. So strive to balance your finances by having a blend of the money personalities mentioned above in yourself and from your future spouse. You can also request our free guide “Top financial questions to ask before marriage” by sending us a mail here. It suggests to young ladies likely questions to ask their partners before and during dating/courtship.