Our well-being and emotional stability, as a mother, is of high importance in running a good home. It should be given considerable attention. But it is saddening that many young women and moms easily neglect this weightier matter while focusing on the lighter ones in the family.

How is that? You may ask.

Let’s take this scenario for an instance. Some moms, in a bid to maintain a clean and sparkling home, would often ‘shout’ the house down or enforce countless rules on their children. They would do this for what seems like a lifetime yet with no positive result. Some children might even start to yield to the tough training, only for them to feel unloved and become timid in the process. These moms also tend to forget the implications of yelling and screaming on their own health.

The truth is, it is great to have a tidy and organized house. But should it be at the detriment of your health? No! And neither should it thwart you from creating a loving atmosphere for the children. Children raised with love even do things much better than kids raised with strictness. So instead of being hard and tight, why not show them why and how you want those things done? Why not create a friendly atmosphere for the children first so they can learn and understand your motives better?

Another issue that baffles me about mothers is that we prefer to act strong all the time. Why should you keep running chores in the house at the detriment of your wellbeing? Have you ever thought of what will happen to the children if you ever breakdown? You need to stop working yourself out!
If you need to rest and stay off chores for some time, please do. Even if it means feeding the children BREAD and tea or biscuits only, my dear sis, they will be ok. Take a rest! No one ever died of a dirty house neither will a spotless house take you to heaven. So stop pushing yourself too hard.

I believe the few tips highlighted here will help you protect your core and not lose yourself while nurturing your family.

  •  Have a personal quiet time for meditation, prayers and Bible study in the early hours of the day. Wake up earlier than you used to, let’s say 15/30mins; just to be by yourself praying, planning and thinking.
  •  Let the children have a specific bedtime; probably 7/8pm, so you can have few hours to rest, chill out, be with hubby or make plans for the following day. You can also watch good movies or soak in a good read.
  • Do a bulk purchase of the family needs and cook as many food as you can safely stock for the week or month.
  •  Have a sabbath day! Yes, I mean a day of rest! Don’t do much on that day. You can eat out, have light meals or do something to rejuvenate yourself.

You can’t give what you don’t have. If you are not a happy and healthy mother, you can not produce happy home or children. So protect your core. I pray God’s work prosper in your hands and you raise a godly home.

We would love to hear more suggestions from you in the comment section below. How have you been protecting your cores?