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Have you been dreaming of becoming great and making it big in life? Then I have to announce the good news to you. WAKE UP and STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

It is the only way to achieve greater success and to live a better life. You can’t expect anything different by doing the same thing repeatedly or sitting down in a comfort zone. Nothing is going to change unless you take the first step of courage and launch out of your comfort zone.

Esther was a young lady and from a less privileged family – an orphan – in the province of Persia, as recorded in the Bible. Virgins were summoned to compete for the crown of the dethroned Queen Vashti. She could have thought less of herself and not partook in the pageant. But she took a courageous step and that was the beginning of her great feat in life, up to delivering a whole nation – the Jews.


So you have to think of your comfort zone as your limit. It could be a limit to achieving your academic goals, your business goals, career goals, savings goals and many others. The truth is, it may be comfortable to stay within your comfort zone, but the problem is that doing so will not get you the success you want in life. So wake up and launch into your dreams! The only way to create breakthroughs is to break out of your comfort zone limit. Do what you haven’t done before. Dare to do things differently.

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