Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.
Roy T. Bennett

Did you read that quite alright? Probably, it is the truth you’re looking for.

It’s high time you ceased giving excuses for matters that concern your life. Is the list not long enough for you to stop?
“I am yet to start my business because I’m sure to fail.”
“I am yet to master a skill because I don’t learn fast.”
“I don’t do well at work because I have too much to deal with at home.”
No! Enough.

Stop hampering limiting thoughts in your mind because just when you think you’ve had it all, inspiration such as the story of Donavia Walker will tell you, “you’re wrong!” The 16-year-old Florida girl was born without arms and has today become an accomplished Junior Reserve Officer cadet.
A lot of time she had had to deal with negative notions from the people around her that she can’t do one thing or the other. She once said in her interview with the Barcroft Media that, “People would put me down because they didn’t think I could do as much as I can. They would tell me, ‘You can’t hold it, you have to use your hands to hold it’ or ‘You can’t get that, you gotta use your hands to get it.’”
And her response was always: “I will do it. I will find a way, even if it means using my feet.”

Today, the high school student is a squad commander on the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps who leads her platoon in drill competitions and takes part in activities such as archery and rock climbing. Donavia can drive, she can text and even take care of herself despite the fact that she has no arms.

Practically there are limits to how high you can jump and how deep you can delve, but you should never be tempted to impede your mind from the actual capability it is built for. There is no mountain too high to climb, only your mind says otherwise.

You limiting yourself is just a means of mitigating risk. You are afraid of leaving your comfort zone. And is it is either you beat down your excuses, get something doing for yourself and become the fabulous woman you’ve always dreamed of or die a mediocre.
Don’t forget, you will never know your true potential or how much life has in stock for you until you have overcome the limits you’ve set for yourself.
You are made for more! Break your limits!

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