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In our previous post on how to live a fabulous and frugal life, we talked about having a budget for our daily expenses. It encourages saving and helps to avoid unnecessary spending of money. You can check here if you missed it.

So today we shall be talking on the reasons why you don’t need too much of material things to live a fabulous life.
But before then, have you ever asked yourself how you would love to spend the rest of your life? Do you want to spend it packing litters of materials that are no longer useful because they are in excess and you’ve outgrown them? Or you want to spend it enjoying a good and healthy life for being frugal?
Do you know that buying excess of material things is never a show of wealth? In fact, it is rarely the wisest use of money and here is why:

1. Having more material things does not guarantee happiness
It is important for you to know that spending money to have excessive stuff will not guarantee happiness. Those who live in excess are not necessarily the ones who live the most fulfilled lives. Even the greatest things of life come free and cheap. If not, oxygen would have been what you need to buy in excess. Because if the world runs out of it, you will be dead just like any other person.

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2. Material things are ‘wants’ that are insatiable
Having the financial resources to afford excess does not mean it is the best option for your life. Save it instead. Save all you can. Material things such as big house on the ocean, latest car, fashionable clothes, plenty of money for dining out, a big budget for luxury travel, etcetera are wants. And “Wants’ are insatiable. You can never have the best or the last of it. So instead of chasing after these insatiable things, learn to live an authentic life of significance and impact.

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3. Excessive material things adds to our worries
As I mentioned earlier that acquiring material things does not guarantee happiness, this point emphasizes it. Excess of material things adds stress and anxiety to our lives. Every increased possession comes with worry. It becomes one more thing to manage, repair, and store. However, less of material things will afford you good space, not only in the house, but in your mind. And a less congested mind that is free from the care and worries will be healthy, creative and productive in thinking.

4. More material things will cause you to lose sight of the things you already have.
Having too much of material things beclouds our sense of gratitude and if care is not taken, leads to wastage. It is impossible to find peace, gratitude, and contentment if you are always thinking of adding more to yourself materially. Having less stuff will help you to be grateful for what you have and it will open you up to creative use of your resources.

5. Excess could mean a waste of resources.
Don’t forget, excess acquisition of material things means more cash are lying in waste than is used. These are the funds you could have put to productive use by developing yourself, paying to learn a new skill or signing up on great community of influencers such as Money Africa edtech financial literacy platform.

Living fabulously does not imply mindless spending.
So when next you head off to the market, ask yourself if you really need that thing before buying it.